Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Super Wrestle Off Of The World

8 of the world’s greatest wrestling talents
3 stages of knock out matches
Only one winner brings to you the Super Wrestle Off World Championship live from the Live dome at 2930 Market Street, Ohio.
Come experience the best of heavy weight wrestling on the 2nd of May 2015 when 8 champions from 8 corners of the world will wrestle one another to prove to the world that they are better than each other. Join us as they compete for this coveted wrestling title.

11:00 a.m. Quarterfinals
Time to screen out the weak-hearted

1:00 p.m. Semi-finals
Let lions and tigers fight for power

3:00 p.m. Super Wrestle Off
May the best one unleash his power

Half-Times will be super energetic too
What can be more fun than a wrestling event powered by music so thrilling that it will keep you at the edge of your seat through the finals? Tom Menaldi , one of the world’s greatest guitarists, will be performing some of his best songs at the event.
Get set to go into a wild frenzy as you hear the Ohio State Song in one of its most powerful guitar renditions. Ohio is going to rock to wrestle maniac tunes like never before.
Prepare yourself to croon to New England Super, Bowl ShuffleKnock Out and Birthday. Now you can also get a free sample of these songs on or buy his complete collection on iTunes, Google or Amazon. Give in to powerful songs that will drive you wild.

Unlimited Fun for Every fan
No wrestling event is complete without its crazy fans, the crazier they are the better.  We have made sure that our fans will have fun even if they are watching the event from their home.
Wrestling fans around the state should be prepared to get a gift at their door. Don’t believe this?  We have made sure that every single house watching the event on TV will get a free subscription of FightChannels for a year.

IWWA Press Release
MORTON HOPING TO RISE TO THE TOP ONE LAST TIME     Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were known as the Rock-n-Roll Express and were teen idols through the 80's and early 90's.  Together they held the World Tag Team Titles on 6 different occasions. On December 13th on the internet channel Fight Channel, Morton hopes to advance to the titles one more time. "The IWWA is the next important quest in my career" Morton commented.    Having held Single titles in both Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight divisions in addition to his tag team history the IWWA, tag titles remain a goal that Morton wants to reach. "The Fantasics are a great team, but the way they won the belts wasn't right"    Mortin was referring to the tag tournament at the IWWA On the Road #1 in which Bobby Fulton and Sigmon won the tag titles in a     one night tournament. The finals were between Morton and his partner Elliot Russell and the Fantasics double teamed Russell to     claim the titles. "They did things through the tournament that wasn't right. Bobby Fulton knows better, and its a shame the way     he has tuened on the fans." So on December 13th at 7pm on the fight channel Morton and Russell will have a rematch to get a shot    at the IWWA titles. " Elliot and I have another shot and were going to make the most of it. But as always we will count on the     fans support." Morton has been a fan favorite for 3 decades and always stated that he didn't mind being number two as he always     made the fans number one. So check out the PPV and upcoming information on  

The IWWA is looking for their first TV Champion.  And now the Independent World Wrestling Alliance (IWWA) will be doing it for the first time on Saturday    December the 13th at 5pm on the Fight Channel. The event name is "Klash in Kinwood". The Event will feature a tournament    for their first ever TV champion. The PPV will feature familiar names to wrestling fans. Ricky Morton of the Rock-N-Roll    Express, The Fantasics feturing Bobby Fulton, former WCW TV Champion The stro, The Wrestler formerly named Bunkhouse Buck,     is known as Earnest T. Buck a former WCW World Tag Team Champion and former World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW star Shane     Douglas. In addition to the 16 man TV Tournament the is also Tag Team Title Match, and a Grudge Match. When ask about the     PPV card on December 13th promoter Rock Parsons made the following comment. " We wrestle and do little talking. Klash in     Kingwood will show the workd that we wrestlle and the main item in our promotion is the competion. We also give you a bang    for the buck, when you figure all the tournament matches and extras its like .60 cents a match. Now how can a fan beat that?"    For more detail and up to the minute changes you can follow the PPV on  The Event can be purchased for $9.99.

December 13th Clash in Kingwood a chase for the Gold on Saturday December the 13th at 7 on the internet the IWWA is having there first worldwide PPV.  This will featue 2 well know set of stars in a Tag team match with The Fantasics Bobby Fulton and Rock-n-Roll   Express member Rick Morton and a grudge single match with former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas,   and former WCW World Tag Team Champion now known as Earnest T. Bunk, Bunkhouse Buck. But the real story of   this PPV is the 16 man IWWA TV Tounament. It features Stro, a former WCW Tv Champion, and regional stars   Ryan Mitchell, The Great Akuma, Ryan Edmonds, Jimi the High Flying Hippi, Jimmy Nutts and 11 others. Promoter and former wrestler Rock Parsons adds the following. "If you want to see wrestling the way it use to be, this is   the ticket. a 16 man Tv Tournament, 4 legends in the other matches the whole family or a group of friends can take   a look for the price of one movie ticket at your local theater. Plus on the site you can see our other weekly shows   and several hundred hours of old footage from the 70's and hundreds of hours from overseas of the best talent today   and still to come on the new Legends of Wrestling site. There are samples you can watch for free.